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Pre-kids I was always known as an over-achiever! I loved to cook, entertain, plan events, get crafty, travel, golf and spend time with friends and family. I became a mom the day before my 34th birthday, with the birth of my sweet boy Wells. I loved being a mom and found it pretty easy to keep up with all my hobbies. Being a mom came naturally to me.

When my son turned one we decided to try for another. I always wanted kids close in age and I was hopeful we’d have a girl this time. Being a type-A perfectionist, I had a really hard time when things didn’t come together as I had planned. We struggled with unexplained secondary infertility. I had a 10 week miscarriage and chemical pregnancy before opting to do IVF. My first transfer also ended in an early loss. It was a horrible time to be going through all of this during the pandemic.  When I found out my second transfer was identical twins, my anxiety around this high risk pregnancy was at an all-time high.

I was taken off work while I managed my mental health and all the physical complications that come with identical twins. I started creating digital art as a type of therapy and have really loved creating portraits for other mamas, friends and family. I'm hopeful that taking orders through this page will keep me more organized and allow this hobby to continue to grow.

My Instagram page was a wonderful way to focus on the positives, and connect with other moms who also experienced loss, infertility, IVF and twins. I’m so grateful for the amazing community who walked with me hand in hand during this journey while I was isolated from work, friends and family.

Now I love to pay it forward and support other new mamas as they navigate motherhood. In my blog and social media channels, I share about my life juggling twins plus one, my experience breastfeeding, any other tips and tricks I've picked up along the way, and my attempts to keep up my hobbies of art, cooking, travel and entertaining. 

Thank you for being here. Welcome to my #mamatribe.

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